Spore Print

How to make a spore print.

To make a spore print you need a fresh mushroom, a piece of tinfoil and a glass. First, take the fresh mushroom you just picked and hold the top of the cap with a lightweight hold and turn to release the top off the mushroom. Make certain the fungi isn’t too moist and gently set down the cap on top of the tinfoil, which is placed on a hard flat surface, with the gills facing the down and immediate followed by the glass cup over the cap and on the foil to seal out any air. Leave it alone for about 24 hours. What happens in the next 24 hours is the spores drop from the mushroom cap, releases an ink-like dust onto the tinfoil. This process allows for the spores to drop and creates the very unique mushroom print. This print can now be used to check the type of species this spore with a regular microscope. This process is used to create a spore syringe, an agar plate and to keep for storage for about one year

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