Vivid Dream of A Friendship With Madonna

The setting replicated an old abandoned mall but with working kiosks. Vagrants selling everything from hand made jewelry to pet exotic birds and rooms all throughout the corridor. I was just watching this unique bird that the store owner told me was not friendly. So I took an interest in this beautiful creature. Full of anxiety and stressing over his environment so I took it upon myself to befriend this animal. After only a few days, the bird recognized my voice and tone and was very good at reading the good intent of another species. We built a trust and one afternoon, Madonna, dressed in nothing but cut off shorts and tank top with her hair all plunked out, she approached me. She said she had been watching me build a relationship with this scared animal who in turn was a very large, breed of some sorts. We started talking and she seemed to like what my style, my self-awareness without propaganda. She invited me to follow her to her flat. Through one door, that lead to a long hallway where if I had to come back again, I would never find it. Her room was very small and with a single bed, song lyrics on the floor and she just became very comfortable with me. Very cool I thought.

To be continued….