Travel Israel

The Dead Sea
know hope
Know Hope found spray-painted on a man-hole located on the beach in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Israel on top of Masada

On top of Masada in Jerusalem, Israel

Travel Isreal

Ancient History Kept Alive Mount Masada, Stone Wheels

The Dead Sea

A historical mountain top view of the Dead Sea from the top of Mount Masada

Travel Mount Masada

Columns in what used to be the Synagogue


Historic Building Shows Wall Art from 5000BC

Travel Masada

Israel Flag on top of Mount Masada

Travel Mount Masada

Water ran down the snake tunnel

Travel Israel, Mount MasadaThe Path Leads To The Top Of Masada where Josephus Ended the lives of his people before the Romans Invaded the Fortress. Travel JerusalemThe Sandy Desert Hills Seen While Traveling to get to the Dead Sea

This man stayed back to help these children until the very end of the Holocaust

Look Out Point on the Temple Mount

Steps descending from the Temple Mount on Mount Zion

Travel IsraelAtop of Mount Masada

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