“The eyes are the window to the soul”. A proverb and popular saying that I find so very true. After watching a movie called, “I Origins” which came out in 2014, is a science-fiction romantic drama-film. I have been a bit obsessed with the theory that the origin of the eyes are in theory, the soul reincarnated into a new body. If you believe in reincarnation that is, each unique pair of eyes are born again. The rumors that have passed around for many years since his death about how he has been seen and is still alive. What if this eye origins theory is in fact true and the eyes of the King, Elvis Presley, are what people are seeing; in the eye’s of the beholder. In the film, research was being conducted as part of a study where the eyes of a newborn are scanned into a database for the purpose of analyzing and determining the individuality of the iris being unique in shape and color and never one in the same. Just as with our fingerprints are never one in the same.

The eyes are beautiful when you look close enough.
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