Got Bit? That’s Bitcoin I am referring to. While the cryptocurrency scene has taken to the masses, so many individuals are not even sure what a bitcoin or Blockchain is. In the current financial market, Banks and Big Tech have more control over your personal information and money more than you know. Blockchain is a decentralized network backed by rhe highest levels of encryption and security, that is what makes Blockchain Technology revolutionary. Now Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency of the digital world, like owning credit cards,, however with Bitcoin’s decentralization and peer-to-peer networking sites all over the world, these funds are not controlled by any Bank or Corporation which raises or lowers your credit score which determines basically your life style. Whereas with Bitcoin (BTC) when you purchase these funds, they are validated to ensure the numbers verify by a very difficult algorithm which is now a blocked -transaction to be minted on the Blockchain ledger. This quantitative data is stored in whats known as a ledger in the Blockchain forever safeguarded. There are smart contracts which are programs developed specifically using the encrypted Blockchain Technology to provide not only security to people but that block of information, like a contract by two people who make a deal, this would be verified by the networks run by the people for the people to create a sort of open portal where the lending markets are not bound by banks chained to the bigger firms that make you pay to have them hold your money, and interest is few and far between. Blockchain Technology is freedom.


Insofar as one if the most widely used platform , PayPal has joined the party. I will explain the importance of Blockchain and the Market Market Value of the top Altcoins to consider investing in before Big Banks get involved like Merrel Lynch and The Stock Market try to infiltrate this decentralized network.

Bitcoin is a form of digital cryptocurrency that was founded by two very future focused gentlemen and their intelligent system known as a decentralized platform where buyers are free to buy, sell, trade and there is no third party taxing or regulating your money. Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, OkCoim, just to name anfewnaltcoins are all relative and secured, encrypted providing the buyer understands the importance of using a cold storage wallet or creating a trezor wallet which promotes envrypted offline safety and secure transactions of your funds placed in what is referred to as cold-storage. Using an offline wallet stored on a USB without being hacked because you have safeguarded your Long sequence of characters that is your token, your private key that holds the specific Blockchain node that you claimed when you bought $1659 in USD which was worth just 1;Bitcoin/BTC back in 2016. This is the moment I began researching this fascinating digital technology that somehow I knew that the market was just beginning to blossom.

was skeptical whenzimhad if their not regulated by the Big Banks, who by way of diligent research have been highly involved with money laundering for far too long while manipulating the hardworking people around the world that wasn’t born into a family filled with an obscene inheritance and

At this point in time, I chose Coinbase as my institutional financial choice to purchase Litecoin and Bitcoin . Once I finally convinced myself that form of legal currency will soon become a worldwide exchange among all Countries that would alter technology in such a profound way by decentralizing cryptocurrency such as altcoins like Ehterum and BTC, LTC, etc using the Blockchain protocol that encrypts all transactions in the form of nodes and smart contracts that are unique and protected behind an entire network that literally uses algorithms to ultimately make it impossible for theft, hacking, or gaining access to that block that has passed through multiple check points and nodes that once the SAAS has issued an individual that has formed a solid transaction, have written down all your secret codes and created a cold storage to protect your assets, not only will that sequence of blocks thAt form the blockchain never be recycled, they are will securely held, encrypted with the highest statistical and algorithm which is why the big banks and Huge corps are trying to integrate the Blockchain technology be developes to create smart contracts, securing customers information and devising new objectives in which their clients will not jump ship and take all their funds,IRA’s, Bonds, Stocks and trade it all in for cash. If the financial shuts down, blacks out and banks loses your money, that is it,

My prediction within the next 10 years, the Blockchain technology will be at the forefront of all business transactions. Bitcoin and Etherum, Dogie LiteCoin, etc will be an at, machine away. To have a new internet in place that is controlled by all the people, authentication, fact checking and all the sensitive personal information will not be a part of the new future internet.

Money Markets like PayPal have already gotten on board, have you?

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