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One of my most irritating radio station hosts in Tampa, Florida is 100.7 featuring Dalila. Her words are the most annoying representations of reality for what reality is beyond her mind. My sister and I used to always hear her show in the radio and make fun of her positive affirmations as if life is just full of cherries and spice and everything nice.

Today, my niece Jayden and I were supposed to meet at her parent’s home at 1:00 p.m. The unfortunate part about his crusade is that I no longer get along with my four and half year old sister, after having been in the room with two of her children’s births, on top of lending a hand at their beck and call to babysit their offspring at any given point in time. I did and loved every single moment of seeing those babies grow up into two years old when they developed their very own sense of independence and personalities. Four were born in the interim of over seven years. Fertile couple of my brother-in-law and sister were. So much so that I having been born with MRHK, which means I was born without the means create a child but I was created a full blown female. Actually I have to admit, quit cute and have a great body to boot. Sorry, I rambled on because the female inside my head wants to explain all that are reading this can actually comprehend before giving their own perspective on the subject of how family can hurt you more than anything.

So, my oldest niece has been in town for a few months now. I finally get invited to visit my nieces and nephew on Christmas day. I am Jewish, as are they, however the babies Daddy was brought up….I don’t know but he celebrated Christmas and had no problem with my sister having all of her four children becoming bat-mitzvah and bar-mitzvah. Needless to say, it was always a past time meeting for Christmas morning for breakfast. So, this year I havent seen my kids for many year’s other than Renee when she and her boyfriend came into town when Coronovirus was hitting N.Y. city. To make a long story longer, I made plans with Jayden because we have always had a special connection. Well, with all four of them I had a special connection with. I will not gloat but my energy is rather magnetic. Jayden decided to change the plans like thirty minutes before I was to arrive at their home. She could not comprehend my high anxiety about meeting her in Ybor City. I was terrified because the Tampa Police, Hillsborough County Sheriffs will profile your license plate and follow you just until they find the right moment to pull you over and ticket you. Well, I do not like driving into Ybor city and haven’t done so since I partied their at the age from 21 to 26 years old. So, after another hour wasted on deciding where to meet, she tells me she has plans to meet a friend for dinner at 5:00 so she only has two hours now to spend. I actually care that much, like a part of the family, which I no longer where I felt jaded, faded from a life I was loved and felt very happy. This little girl has turned into an adult without any sense of what true family represents anymore.

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