Just For Thought

By Renèe May

As the pandemic births yet another mutation of the Covid-19 Virus, I struggle, along with many others, to try to keep positive. I have studied for most of my adult life and achieved what I thought was the impossible; graduating from a University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. At the beginning of this year, I was prepared to stop applying for a career in information technology, which I have also studied, self-taught actually and become a third grade teacher. Understandably, this was not going to happen because of the soaring number of teachers and students testing positive for the Coronavirus. Back to the drawing board as I have-to find a job!!! Being a female, over a certain age, although fully qualified for woking in the I.T. field, I cannot even get a foot in the door. As far as the unemployment rates are concerned here in the United States, Florida is at an all time high. The news may carry on about how the job markets are opening up and the unemployment rates are steadily dropping is false, so false and I can say this because I am living proof. So if you have a college degree, a certification in CompTia Security+, along with years of experience working and developing a broad skillset not only in information technology but on developing software techniques that above and beyond the average persons knowledge including jailbreaking and unlocking apple iPhones and rooting android smart phones. It has come down to this for me now. I have almost given up hope on living the ‘American Dream’. I grew up with this silly notion that if I put myself through years of college and work along the way, I can one day make $100k. Sounds about right if you think about all the money I owe in Student Loans and the many years I have excelled in any job I held in the past, only to be living on barely enough money so that I have a roof over my head and food on the table. Meanwhile I see everyone I knew and family I used to know, all questioning my life. “Renèe, you need to get a job, any job, so that you can become independent. Well this is my answer. I was not prepared for my Mother to pass away when I decided to continue my education and get a Graduate Degree. My life up until 2011 had always flowed nicely. What I mean is, If I wanted something, like a job, I would go out there and get it. When I needed a car, I saved my money and bought it. When I thought that I could complete graduate school after the crash of 2008 that the opportunities for employment would open up. Well, that never happened. The only lesson I have learned thus far concerning making it or not in America today if you do not have a family with money to support you or people that know people to get you hired, if you are offered a higher position with more responsibilities and higher pay in your current role and even though you may not like it but it pays the bills, even though deep down you want to finish College, take the damn Management position offered to you because there is no way that a College degree will guarantee a better life and open up more doors for advancement and money. Its all a lie. Every single thing we are told as little girls about going for your dreams and become all that you can be and more is like saying, no men do not get paid more than women even when they both have the same job. If I could change one thing about my past, it would be to give up my fight for living autonomously as a female and make the dreadful choice to marry a man that loves you more than you love them. Because there is always divorce court, which typically occurs in the seventh year of marriage.

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