On Covid-19

March 18, 2020

By Renèe May

Ten years ago I remember looking at a photograph of a women wearing a face mask over her mouth and nose walking down the street’s of China. I thought to myself, that would really suck to haveto wear a mask to shield yourself from becoming ill. Today in the Tampa, Florida of the United State’s, I see men and women wearing masks, latex gloves and preparing for the worst because of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, spreading quickly across all 50 states as of this day. Since the beginning which was only in January of 2020, I have been reading and researching this epidemic. President Donald Trump spoke across the Nation this afternoon and I haveto admit, the United States is STILL unprepared. After 6 weeks since the virus broke out, our President repeatedly told the people of this country not to worry. That this isn’t going to be a problem. Seriously??? Without a doubt and the fact that 6 weeks time has past since coronavirus spread from Wuhan, China we are one of the last countries to contain or even test million’s of Americans. So should we be concerned? Yes! Should we take measures into our hand’s and prepare for the worst, yes but NOT in terms of purchasing machine guns and stocking up on ammo. We need to take care of ourselves by using sanitizer throughout our environments, like washing our hands, taking a shower with soap and water and if for the love of all the that’s holy, cough/sneeze into your arm or use a tissue. Keep your hands from your face and if you get a cold, again, use a tissue. These seem like all relevant terms right? Well think about it. How many people do you know that do not wash their hands after using the bathroom? A lot I have witnessed do not.

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