“The World Is On Fire”

The World is on fire with blood and……

Not sure if I am allowed to spell-out the song lyrics without some sort of legal ramifications but sing along anyway because history repeats itself. The winds are so fierce where I live in a small town in Florida. California has been in a drought for over a decade now. Once the temperatures around the World started rising, California went into a state of emergency. I called an old boyfriend a few years ago because we were both supposed to attend a Bat Mitvah, which I nevertheless didn’t make the trip, but upon speaking to this man, I mentioned that the drought is becoming an issue in Cali and his response was close to what you would expect from a man with a Napoleons complex and lots of family money which gives most Jewish people a bad name, a shmuck! He replied by negating that the drought was a problem for him because of where he lives and mentioned that you have to have money to live here and I am not affected. Well fast forward a few years when the fires rapidly burned up miles and miles of land until the fire spread into the valley, the hills, the beautiful Malibu beach front homes. This is my way of saying, Open Your Mind people because this world as we know it is in grave danger. I don’t even want to start On Australia because I am in disbelief of all the millions of animals that have perished not to mention the indigenous people of that land were not taken into consideration when the fire department would not let them help. Again, do some research about Australia fires and you too will recognize the depth of the world being literally on fire.

Over & Out


This Earth has blazing down Eastern Australia. For those of you that decided to go into hiding, becoming almost a reclusive, such as myself at one point only to he subjected to hearing how many America’s havebecome Youtubes ‘ bitch. The all-knowing recorded vidoe blots control this marketing database, full of precisely excuted title’s to inspire or intice you to watch. only to realize you are watching a video on something politically driven. You do not even hear the the Voices clear enough to justify where in the World this dude is from. Maybe I am off a bit but I will share my philospophy which states that, we the people, have become the famous only 3 words we remember; t of the United States of America,” and countries all over Europe and the Middle East, Italy, Central America’s should be preparing for the worst.

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