Magic Mushroom’s For Microdosing

The psilocybin has been growing on planet earth since the beginning of reforestation. The magic in the Mushroom’s are attributable to the mescaline that is produced upon feeding from the right climate and soil. All across the World, there are many different species of mushrooms. The difference in most shroom’s that create the mind to bend and bloom in your psych, producing colors so vivid, attributing to such clarity and crispness of everything you see are those that are magical. Studies have proven that using magic Mushroom’s in doses that are weighted and consumed every other day will, in fact, rejuvenate those neurotransmitters that regulate serotonin and dopamine receptors so that they heal. Meaning, all of us taking Pharmaceutical drugs that essentially end up poisoning us with chemicals that if ingested over a long period of time will deteriorate not only our brains but our CNS (central nervous system). Not a good thing! So as I have researched for many years on the benefits that occur from using magic Mushroom’s it has come to my attention that they will transform our brain suffering with Depression , PTSD, Anxiety, OCD, etc., and we will no longer need to take multiple medications. Do some of your own research and you will ‘seek knowledge’….. Over & Out

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