“Without thinking and without judgment, looking through the lens of my Nikon camera I find my composure. I am Free to expose.”

Renée May


Magic Mushroom To The Rescue

Mushrooms will save the world…. Psilocybin is a natural occurring hallucinogenic that is found in the magic mushrooms. The spore print above is one type of species of mushrooms, that when looked at through a microscope will be able to visually analyze the exact name and type of Fungi.

Spore Print

How to make a spore print. To make a spore print you need a fresh mushroom, a piece of tinfoil and a glass. First, take the fresh mushroom you just picked and hold the top of the cap with a lightweight hold and turn to release the top off the mushroom. Make certain the fungi …

Behind The Lens

Professional Photographer and Entrepreneur, Renée May

Born in New York and grew up in Florida . I was fortunate enough to travel up North to New York every summer after the school year ended, my Grandfather bought me my first camera which filled me with wonder & curiosity. I love to travel when I can, volunteer to help clean up our ocean’s and use my voice to help save our Planet and everything living.

    Open Your Mind


We are all Judges held by our captive audience of life. Science states that it takes us just 10 seconds to place judgement on another after meeting them. How we come to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of who we are by being more open to new experiences and keeping an open mind will benefit you the most. Instead of looking at the cover, open your mind (or book) up and find real meaning to the way in which you are interpreting your own thoughts in reaction to our senses, the eyes. How you decide to interact with the world we create from what we perceive is the keynote to achieving a higher self-awareness and having a clearer picture with an open mind brings about mindfulness.